Twin Cities United Performers

performers are building power for fair pay + MORE

It’s obvious, but it needs to be said: being a musician or performer is a real job – one that enriches our community and deserves to be paid well and treated fairly.

But right now, too many of us are expected to struggle for our art and pay our bills with “exposure.” Greedy streaming services exploit our labor and make billions, and we barely see enough to make rent.

Twin Cities United Performers (TCUP) is organizing to make Minnesota a state where musicians and performers are in community and solidarity with each other, treated with dignity, and supported to thrive as artists – not just survive.

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Minnesota is a state where musicians and performers are 

  • In community and solidarity, supporting one another to navigate the challenges of this industry. 
  • Organizing with allied workers and movements to improve conditions for all of us.  
  • Supported to create and thrive as artists – not just survive – with fair and transparent pay, access to opportunity, and dignified working conditions.

Organizing at First Ave

TCUP was born out of an historic campaign to organize and unionize workers at First Ave venues during the fall of 2023. Over 300 musicians organized in solidarity alongside venue workers, demanding workers be treated with dignity and respect – from fair scheduling and pay to adequate training. When venue workers voted to unionize, First Ave venues voluntarily recognized the union within 24 hours.

TCUP formed out of the momentum from that organizing, ready to win changes for musicians, performers, and our community.