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Make TakeAction your political home.

TakeAction Minnesota members are Minnesotans who believe in our mission and values and make at least one financial contribution annually to build our organization’s independent political power.  

By becoming a TakeAction member, you’ll have a political home and opportunities to:  

Stay informed Act in community Invest in the movement Make your voice heard 
Receive text and email updates about political, community, and other relevant newsBelong to an extensive network of members and leaders across the stateMake financial contributions that grow our independent power

Participate in membership-wide surveys and assemblies
Build long-lasting personal connectionsVolunteer and attend events, trainings and leadership development programsWeigh in at a meeting, actions or share your story

“I love TakeAction Minnesota so much. My journey really started here, learning about political organizing, learning about the type of world I want to live in and how I can build it.” 

St. Paul City Council Member Nelsie Yang 
From left: Bahieh Hartshorn, Movement Politics Manager at TakeAction; St. Paul City Council Member Nelsie Yang; Nelsie’s mom

How do I become a member?

Any financial contribution qualifies you for an annual TakeAction Minnesota membership. Our suggested giving level is $5 a month or $40 for the year.  

Every time you give, your membership will be extended another 365 days from that date. Sustaining memberships (recurring monthly contributions) will automatically renew each year unless you choose to change or cancel your membership. You can change or cancel your membership at any time.  

What is a political home and why does it matter?

TakeAction members are part of something bigger: the statewide, nationwide grassroots movement for a people-centered democracy where people can live healthy, joyful, and fulfilling lives. Within that movement, each of us needs a home, a community that provides support, accountability, and belonging. TakeAction Movement Governance Manager, Bahieh Hartshorn, explains it like this: “Your political home is the place you decide you’re going to build collective power. It reflects your values and invests in your leadership development.” 

“I’ve found my political home. I’ve found a place where my voice is valued, where my stories are valid, where I get to be part of the movement.” 

Megan Boyle, TakeAction member and Political Committee Co-Chair 

Questions about TakeAction membership? Contact atom@takeactionminnesota.org

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The problems we face are bigger than one campaign, one issue, or one election.

We need a statewide, multiracial movement to change who decides and who benefits in Minnesota. And we need you to be part of that.

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