Our electoral work in 2024

Our vision is worth fighting for

At TakeAction Minnesota, our work goes beyond one candidate or election. We’re organizing with our members to build progressive voter power in Minnesota. Our goal is to win a multiracial, gender-inclusive democracy that is accountable to the people and delivers what we need: universal childcare, healthcare and housing for all, clean air and water, peace, safety, and communities where people always come before profit.

Voting is just one of the many actions we will take together in 2024 to build toward the world we deserve.

We have a plan for 2024, and you are part of it.

Each election season, we have thousands of conversations with voters about their values and how to use their voting power.

This year, we will:

  • reach 500,000 Minnesotans with our message;
  • protect Progressive Champion Rep. Ilhan Omar from those who attack her for her staunch support of human rights and peace; 
  • talk to over 20,000 young voters and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color voters to disrupt the political noise and move people to action; and
  • win seats in the MN House so we can make climate justice in Minnesota closer to reality.

Win local races so that our values can be represented in our schools, counties, and cities, where we often feel the impacts of government the most.

What does it mean when TakeAction endorses a Candidate?

If a candidate has an endorsement from TakeAction Minnesota, that means that our member-led Political Committee has evaluated

  • the candidates in that race;
  • their issue positions;
  • their plans to win; and
  • how they’ve shown up (or not) with our shared values.

The Political Committee then recommends endorsements to our board for final approval.

Not all democrats are the same.

Our members have made powerful endorsements, particularly in key primary elections, to bolster a progressive majority that delivers for the people – like we saw in the 2023 legislative session in Minnesota. 

A TakeAction endorsement highlights candidates who

  • are deeply connected to grassroots movements;
  • stand up to corporate interests and the political status quo;
  • speak out against environmental racism and violent, unaccountable policing; and 
  • stand with our communities and raise their voices for a ceasefire in Gaza, abortion rights, accessible and affordable healthcare, and a democracy where we are free to make our voices heard.

Acting Together, We can meet this moment powerfully.

Questions? Email us.