Youth Organizers

High school students Are building power to shape our schools and community

Young people have visions for our futures and communities. We’re clearer on our values than many adults – let’s be real. But we’re consistently excluded from the halls of power and decisions that impact us the most. The average age of U.S. Senators voting on climate policy, for example, is 65. 

Young people deserve the power to shape our own lives – and we deserve mentorship and support to fight for that. High school students are organizing in teams with TakeAction Minnesota to:  

  • build power among high school students so we can act on our values 
  • Level up our leadership 
  • build community and engagement with the issues that impact us



In our teams, we learn the skills of organizing to build teams and build power. We dig into organizing fundamentals including:

  • power 
  • building relationships 
  • campaigning 
  • leadership and decision making  
  • story sharing

2024 Youth Organizer fellows

Our high school organizing teams grew out of a Youth Organizer Fellowship that began in January 2024 and included six students from schools in the Saint Paul Public School District. After discussing top issues impacting students, the fellows chose to focus on school bathrooms distributing a survey to over 500 students to learn about their experiences with accessibility, safety, cleanliness, inclusion, and more. From the survey, we are defining a campaign and organizing into school-based teams.