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Health for Sale

In part one of TakeAction Minnesota’s three-part podcast series on prescription drugs, learn how we get prescription drugs and why they’re so expensive. Special guests include Attorney General Keith Ellison and Margarida Jorge, leader of the Lower Drug Prices Now campaign.

Listen to episode 1: Health for Sale.

A Day Makes Such a Difference

Minnesotan Ramae Hamrin receives news that changes her life forever. Suddenly, the issue of high prescription drug prices is visceral. In part two of TakeAction Minnesota’s three-part podcast series, learn how high drug prices impact Minnesotans.

Listen to episode 2: A Day Makes Such a Difference.

Action Prescribed

In the final episode TakeAction Minnesota’s three-part series on prescription drugs, hear how COVID-19 adds to the urgency of this conversation and how we can changes the rules to ensure affordable, accessible drugs for all.

Listen to episode 3: Action Prescribed.

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Credits: Action Prescribed is a TakeAction Minnesota production. Writing, editing, and mixing for this podcast series by Laura Proescholdt. Special thanks to the Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, Magarida Jorge, and Ramae Hamrin for participating in interviews. A big thanks to those who contributed to the Report of the Task Force on Prescription Drug Affordability, heavily referenced in this podcast series.