About Our Endorsements

At TakeAction Minnesota, we believe in a people-centered politics that works for all of us. We recognize that the problems we face in our politics is bigger than one election, issue, or campaign. As a member-led, multi-racial people’s organization, we work toward a better political system that puts people and our planet first. Each year, we endorse candidates for office who support life-affirming policies and people-centered governance.

Endorsement Process and Timeline

In 2022, TakeAction Minnesota will announce endorsed candidates in May and June including:

  • Pre-convention endorsements in the 5th Congressional District and Ramsey County District 6
  • First slate of Movement Politics endorsements
  • Executive office endorsements
  • Congressional endorsements
  • School Board endorsements
  • Non-incumbent legislative endorsements
  • Second slate of legislative endorsements

TakeAction Minnesota’s member-led political committee screens and endorses candidates who are approved by the Board of Directors. With a vision of progressive, people-centered leadership and governing majorities, TakeAction’s political committee prioritizes races that: elect progressive, movement-aligned leaders; invests in the public leadership of TakeAction members; holds competitive progressive seats; and, supports incumbents who have demonstrated their commitment to people-centered governance. Endorsed incumbents have a track record of inclusive, community-centered governance and record of taking on powerful interest groups from Enbridge to PhRMA.  

For Candidates Seeking an Endorsement 

TakeAction prioritizes investments in the public leadership of our member leaders. If you are an incumbent seeking an endorsement, please contact TakeAction’s deputy director.  If you are a new candidate or considering a run, we encourage you to get connected with our organizing team in the Twin Cities or Greater Minnesota.