MN United Parents

Parents & Caregivers ARE Building power so ALL OF US CAN THRIVE

Our loved ones deserve lives full of belonging, support, and possibility – and we deserve rest, joy, and time with our families. 

But for too long, people in power have devalued care work, creating an impossible reality where childcare workers aren’t paid enough to thrive – while all but the wealthiest two percent of families struggle to secure and afford childcare. MN United Parents is building grassroots power and community to fight back and win what we need to thrive – from universal childcare to fully funded public schools and beyond.

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Building something better will take all of us. Minnesota United Parents is a multiracial, cross-class, gender diverse team of parents and caregivers organizing and acting together, moving from isolation and stress to deep community and grassroots power. 

Contact Lindsay Turner, Parent and Caregiver Organizer, to get involved.

We’re fighting for universal childcare

Childcare is a public good. All parents deserve the childcare they need to balance work, rest, and joy – and all young children deserve joyful, safe spaces to socialize and grow.

But right now, the private market provides the vast majority of childcare hours – with costs to parents that exceed college tuition, while still not paying early educators the thriving wage their care deserves. That’s why MN United Parents is organizing to win universal childcare.

Minnesotans share what affordable childcare would mean to them