Knock on a stranger’s door to talk politics? These Minnesotans say sure!

A woman in a blue shirt handing pamphlets to a person at a door

“It was absolutely worth it, worth all of it. A lot of our candidates were elected into office. It’s really thrilling to be a part of that. And we had over 20,000 conversations with people. And from our primary data, we’ve seen that the people that we’ve made that initial connection with and then followed up with are almost 30% more likely to turn up and vote. So yes, it’s worth it to have these conversations.”

Looking Past Election, MN Groups Push Priorities

Minnesota State Capitol

TakeAction Minnesota, a grassroots progressive group, said no matter who is in charge, policymakers could put all Minnesotans on equal footing if they invested in such areas as child care and public assistance programs.

Trisha Harms, communications director for the group, said it is not only about helping people survive, but also allowing them to thrive.

“The richest Americans are accumulating more wealth than ever before, while the rest of us, especially low-income Americans, are actually getting poorer,” Harms asserted.