Changing who decides and who benefits

TakeAction board member Erica Mauter

This year, TakeAction Minnesota endorsed 42 candidates in every corner of Minnesota who are pushing for a better state for all Minnesotans. And guess what: together, we won

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TakeAction had over 21,000 conversations to re-elect changemakers like Keith Ellison, who have delivered justice for working people and our families time and again. We came together to push toward ending the dangerous status quo in our criminal legal system and advance change by electing Mary Moriarty. And in St. Paul, former TakeAction Minnesota board chair Mai Chong Xiong won with her vision to achieve care, dignity, and justice for her community, becoming Minnesota’s first Hmong county commissioner. 

In total, 38 TakeAction-endorsed candidates are headed to elected office to make more possible for our people.  

When our democracy is on the line and when our opposition is pushing hard to take away our rights, we need elected officials like these to represent us in decision-making spaces. That’s why this election season, I knew I had to do everything I could to connect voters with their values and the candidates who are living out those values every day.  

I’m a sustaining member at TakeAction because this work doesn’t stop at the polls. We are working month after month, year after year, to elect changemakers who understand that it’s not just about getting a progressive majority – it’s about electing leaders who will work with us to protect and expand our rights. 

This work isn’t easy. But with your help, we can change who decides and who benefits. Join me by donating to TakeAction Minnesota to lift up leaders who will build systems that work for everyone.


Erica Mauter (she/her) 
TakeAction leader 

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