Who is running for Secretary of State in Minnesota?

The Secretary of State is the chief elections officer. While elections are administered by local units of government, the Secretary of State’s office certifies elections returns, operates the statewide voter registration system, oversees other election duties. In addition to elections work, the Secretary of State’s office conducts the review, approval, and filings of all businesses and organizations in Minnesota.

Who is running for secretary of state

My abortion care story

Abortion care is healthcare. But people who want to steal away our reproductive rights want abortion care to be about shame. They want to isolate us through stigma because together,

Join me for political education on Reproductive Justice

When Roe v. Wade was overturned, I was not surprised. I was deeply saddened and worried by the fact that essential healthcare would no longer be available to millions. I

Prescription Drug Affordability Board Candidates

Prescription Drug Affordability Board Candidates Across race, place, age, and political lines, Minnesotans across the state are struggling with out-of-control prescription drug costs. For years, pharmaceutical drug companies have been price-gouging

Prescription Drug Affordability Board Candidates

Together, workers are unstoppable. 

Coming into this week after observing Labor Day, we’ve been reflecting on our collective power as workers. Unions are more popular than ever, workers are winning, and there is a lot

A group of nurses in red shirts hold signs that say "safe staffing" at a Minnesota Nurses Association press conference in August, 2022

Who is running for Attorney General in Minnesota?

The Office of the Attorney General has the power to make an incredible difference for people and our state. In his first-term as Attorney General, Keith Ellison went to the mat for Minnesotans at every turn. With Democratic Attorney Generals across the nation, Keith Ellison stood up to the Trump Administration countless times when our health care and rights were under attack. While Jim Schultz was practicing law as a hedge fund, Keith Ellison was serving the people.

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Who is running for Governor of Minnesota?

On November 8, 2022, Minnesotans will decide who will be our next Governor and Lt. Governor. The DFL-endorsed candidates are Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan. The GOP-endorsed candidates are Dr. Scott Jensen and Matt Birk. Here’s what you need to know about gubernatorial candidate Jensen and his running mate Birk.

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