Prescription Drug Affordability Board Candidates

Prescription Drug Affordability Board Candidates

Prescription Drug Affordability Board Candidates

Across race, place, age, and political lines, Minnesotans across the state are struggling with out-of-control prescription drug costs. For years, pharmaceutical drug companies have been price-gouging prescription medicine, raising the cost of health care at the pharmacy and in our premiums. Life and health should not be for sale.

In 2021, the Minnesota House passed a nation-leading bill to establish a Prescription Drug Affordability Board–PhRMA poured money into blocking the bill, spending more than any other industry lobbying at the State Capitol. PhRMA, the industry lobby group, more than tripled its spending on lobbying to $1.1 million in 2021.1 This year, pharmaceutical companies and trade groups had 60 lobbyists registered in Minnesota.2

The pharmaceutical industry will do everything it can to block progress. That’s why we’re asking every candidate for state office to join us and publicly support a Prescription Drug Affordability Board, a policy supported by 87% of Minnesotans.

Prescription drug costs are on the ballot this November. Together, we have the power to change the rules and lower the cost of medicine. Here is the growing list of Prescription Drug Affordability Candidates:

Minnesota House

John Hest, HD 04B
Gregg Hendrickson, HD 05B
Sally Boos, HD 06B
Rep. Liz Olson, HD 08A
Alicia Kozlowski, HD 08B
Nancy Jost, HD 09A
Jason Satter, HD 09B
Jeremy Vinar, HD 12B
Andrea Robinson, HD 13A
Rep. Dan Wolgamott, HD 14B
Jennifer Carpentier, HD 17A
Abdulahi Osman, HD 19B
Laurel Stinson, HD 20A
Elise Diesslin, HD 20B
Michael Heidelberger, HD 21B
Ron Thiessen, HD 27A
Betsy O’Berry, HD 31A
Sen. Jerry Newton, HD 35B
Brion Curran, HD 36B
Caitlin Cahill, HD 37A
Rep. Kristin Bahner, HD 37B
Rep. Sandra Feist, HD 39B
Rep. Mike Freiburg, HD 43B
Rep. Peter Fischer, HD 44A
Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger, HD 47A
Rep. Steve Elkins, HD 50B
Rep. Michael Howard, HD 51A
Rep. Jess Hanson, HD 55A
Erin Preese, HD 57B
Rep. Mohamud Noor, HD 60B
Rep. Frank Hornstein, HD 61A
Rep. Jamie Long, HD 61B
Rep. Kaohly Her, HD 64A
Dan Walsh, HD 64A
Rep. Dave Pinto, HD 64B

Minnesota Senate

Grant Hauschild, SD 03
A. John Peters, SD 05
Steve Samuelson, SD 06
Kari Dorry, SD 12
Alissa Brickman, SD 13
Bradley Robert Drenckhahn, SD 20
Aleta Borrud, MD, MPH, SD 24
Rep. Liz Boldon, SD 25
Eric M. Leitzen, SD 26
Chris Brazelton, SD 29
Kari Rehrauer, SD 35
Farhio Khalif, SD 37
Susan Pha, SD 38
Sen. John Marty, SD 40
Rep. Kelly Morrison, SD 45
Nicole Mitchell, SD 47
Sen. Melissa H Wiklund, SD 51
Sen. Matt Klein, MD, SD 53
Alicia Donahue, SD 54
Sen. Lindsey Port, SD 55
Erin Maye Quade, SD 56
Clarice Grabau, SD 58

Together, we can #ChangeTheRules

In August, Congress took a major step forward to lower drug costs for people on Medicare through the Inflation Reduction Act. It’s critical that Minnesota continues to build on federal prescription drug cost reform to help everyone else because prescription drugs don’t work if people can’t afford them.

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