Reflecting + building: anything is possible when we show up together.

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As we reflect on the last year, what stands out most are the moments we held each other in solidarity, in heartbreak, and in victory. Across the state, and the nation, our basic rights were put up for debate. And through it all, we stood together on the picket line, in protest, and at the ballot box.  

TakeAction Minnesota’s members know, deep in our bones, that anything is possible when we show up together. Across our state, we hit the ground to defeat forces of hate, violence, and division. Our organizing worked.  

2022 is coming to close, and we have big plans for the upcoming year. Invest in powerful organizing now by making a contribution today. 

In total, 38 TakeAction-endorsed candidates are headed to elected office to make more possible – and win real change – for our people.  

Our fiercely dedicated team reached 740,668 Minnesotans with our message, and they wanted in. In fact, so many people came to our website on Election Day for information about voting that our site crashed from heavy traffic! 

And even more, we had 21,128 authentic connections with voters that get to the root of people’s values and experiences. These conversations are the most effective tool in our voter engagement toolbox: analysis of our primary election work showed that people we had two conversations with were 29% more likely to vote than those we talked with once. This deeply relational engagement was the heart of our elections work, and it is building long-term power for our work year-round. 

Through it all, you were with us, too. Your support has laid the foundation for everything we’ve accomplished this year.  

Now, we’re asking you to make a contribution to TakeAction Minnesota by December 31 to be a part of progressive wins in 2023. 

We had so much to celebrate in Minnesota on Election Day, and now our work continues. We all remember the dangerous and divisive rhetoric used to instill distrust in our democracy throughout election season. That organized force isn’t going away, and neither are we. We must continue pressing forward with the winds of change at our backs. 

Our intention is clear: this is the time to organize to pass policies that put people ahead of profit.  

Give now, and together, we can rein in corporate greed, make our communities safer, win paid time to care for ourselves and our loved ones, push for major investments in our schools and homes, pass policies that support expanded access to affordable medicine, and so much more.  

Thank you for your support. Together, we’re building a healthy, safe, and thriving future for all of us.  

P.S. Check out our Executive Director Elianne Farhat’s take on the midterm election to learn more about TakeAction’s approach to organizing and what we’re hopeful for in the upcoming year. 

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