DFL, GOP angle for 2020 election edge after Legislature’s session

But issues always matter, said Kenza Hadj-Moussa, spokeswoman for the progressive group TakeAction Minnesota. She hopes voters noticed that the DFL House was “extremely responsive to the needs in people’s lives,” including the cost of insulin, paid leave and driver’s licenses for immigrants.

She also sees an emerging concern that could mobilize voters here and across the nation: new state efforts to ban abortions that have “really awakened a lot of people.”

State lawmakers debate high cost of medication

Claire Henn of St. Paul said the drug she relied on for her rheumatoid arthritis jumped from $60 per treatment to $1,400 per treatment. She went without it for three

Governor’s budget first step to fixing state health care

The governor’s budget released on Tuesday has the progress and vision Minnesotans in St. Cloud deserve. When I was an infant, I was diagnosed with common variable immune deficiency. I

Debate reopens over future of health care in Minnesota

[…] An actuarial analysis shows that nearly 1,865 individual claims were covered by the program in the first nine months of last year at a total cost of $84 million.

KARE 11 Investigates: Some wealthy developers dodge taxes for years

[…] KARE 11 attempted to contact Wallace and the Ramsey and Chisago County developers about their unpaid taxes. They either declined comment or did not return emails and telephone calls.

Minnesota has plenty of jobs, but health insurance? No

Some of the fastest growing sectors of the Minnesota economy are hospitality and retail, which traditionally offer lower wage part-time jobs that do not offer health insurance benefits. Cierra Brown,

Readers Write: Homelessness, MinnesotaCare buy in, gas tax, border wall

MINNESOTACARE BUY-IN DEBATE Insurers, experts are data points. Real people are a critical mass. The MinnesotaCare buy-in shouldn’t be a debate between insurance companies and legislators (“A start, not the