Trump rally jumpstarts GOP push for Minnesota

Calculations are also likely to further adjust depending on who takes the Democratic nomination — a more centrist candidate like former Vice President Joe Biden, or one of the more progressive candidates such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren or Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Said Kenza Hadj-Moussa, communications director for progressive organizing group TakeAction Minnesota: “Politics are all about energy, and people are starting to see which campaigns are bringing that.”

Democrats worry Trump has a 2020 head start in Minnesota

As Republicans prepare to rally behind President Trump in Minneapolis, Democrats have plenty of candidates but no good sense of who will become their nominee to run against him next year.

TakeAction, progressive groups mimic conservatives, build infrastructure

When Sen. Paul Wellstone died 17 years ago this month, many of the up-and-coming progressive politicos coming into the arena were in elementary school. But he’d probably admire what they’re up to. After the 2016 election, progressive groups such as Take­Action, Faith in Minnesota and more familiar labor and environmental groups set up a training

TakeAction, progressive groups mimic conservatives, build infrastructure

This year they’ve trained 25 activists, including state Rep. Hunter Cantrell, DFL-Savage, and Chauntyll Allen, a candidate for the St. Paul school board.

What’s different is that they’re focused as much on governance as they are on winning elections, according to a memo from TakeAction spokeswoman Kenza Hadj-Moussa

Hmong Women Disrupt: Rebelling against identity politics on St. Paul’s East Side

They have a lot in common. Both are second-generation Hmong women under 30 who became progressive operatives despite expectations they would get well-paying corporate jobs, marry, and retreat to lives of suburban quietude. They’re also unlikely friends.

Minnesota progressives getting impatient, might challenge incumbents

Kenza Hadj-Moussa, a spokeswoman for the progressive group TakeAction Minnesota, told me last week that no decisions have been made about recruiting challengers to take on veteran DFL lawmakers in the 2020 election, especially in the Senate. Still, she offered a less-than-subtle hint: “If I were an incumbent, I would be looking out for progressive