Dan McGrath, Moving on Up (Like the Jeffersons)!

Like TV Land’s beloved show “The Jeffersons,” TakeAction Minnesota is moving on up into a new, better office space one block south of University Avenue on Raymond. But the lessons

Jess Alexander, If You Aren’t Angry, You Aren’t Making History

After a powerful week of direct actions, Friday, October 14th was the big march.  Those of us working to pull it off were very excited as we prepared to go

Jess Alexander, There is Something Big Happening Out There

Thursday, October 13th, our actions against the big banks got personal. On Wednesday, while calling people for the big march at the end of the week, we talked to one

Jess Alexander, We Change Ourselves As We Change the World

We are at our best when we come together to take action as a strong community.  By Wednesday of this week, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy (MFE), TakeAction Minnesota, and

Jess Alexander, Community Voices Get Heard

Everybody has something to say about what’s wrong and how everything is messed up.  But most of the time we don’t get heard — we just complain, and nobody listens. 

Judi Sateren, People vs. Big Banks

Today I joined over 300 people marching from Government Plaza to the lobby of Wells Fargo because I won’t be silent while Minnesotans are denied health care by HMOs holding

Jess Alexander, Making Big Banks Listen

Everyone is worried about the economy.  There are not enough jobs, people are broke, and corporations are holding onto to much wealth for things to improve.  We’re mad about it.