Election Season Action

We make the future together

At TakeAction Minnesota we believe in a future where each and every person is free to live in joy. Actual joy. Lives that are stable, fulfilling, and creative. This election season, we are turning our pain and righteous anger into powerful action.

This fall, we’re winning elections and building lasting people-power for a government that works for all of us. We make the future together. Our vote is our power and together we’re unstoppable.

The People's Squad

Our plan to win

This election is about all of us–we have a plan to win in November and beyond. TakeAction is activating 500 progressive volunteers as part of the People’s Squad to win campaigns, build our movement, and defend our democracy.

✔️ We’re having deep, meaningful conversations with people across the state

✔️ We’re electing TakeAction endorsed candidates and elect local champions

✔️ We’re flipping the Minnesota Senate, electing progressive majorities at the Legislature

✔️ We’re activating a joyful politics that defeats Trump and what he stands for

✔️ We’re building lasting people power for a government that works for all of us, not just the wealthy few

✔️ We’re ready to defend democracy & heal together

Take action

It’s time to #SquadUp and take action. Join the People’s Squad for virtual voter outreach shifts Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout election season. We are powerful together and we’re leaving everything on the field. Training is provided. Hurry and sign up now.

Take action right now

Sign up for virtual voter outreach shifts.