Join the Student Debt Cancellation Crew!

Minnesotans from across the state are getting together to make it clear to our elected officials: it’s time to cancel student debt.

For too long, predatory lenders have been allowed to take advantage of us, promising a better future while locking us — particularly women and people of color — into high-interest loans. But we see through their profit-mongering. Across race, income, and geography, we’re coming together to demand every Minnesotan have the chance to earn a degree without decades of debt and worry. Cancelling student debt is about giving our futures a chance, closing the racial wealth gap, and ensuring that every Minnesotan can thrive.

TakeAction’s Student Debt Cancellation Crew is organizing Minnesotans from every one of our 87 counties to call on President Biden to cancel student debt now. Join us. Sign our petition and let our elected officials know what student debt cancellation would mean for you and your loved ones.

For more information, email DyAnna (she/her), Greater Minnesota Organizer.