Elizabeth Lienesch, Tax Wall Street

Leaders and staff from TakeAction were proud to join members of the Minnesota Nurses Association at the fair yesterday evening to tell Minnesota’s Congressional Delegation to “Tax Wall Street to

Frank Brown, Why do we need fair hiring?

What happens when people come out of prison after serving their sentence?  Are they truly done serving their sentence?  These days, with most employers refusing to consider those with a

The Fight For Our State Has Just Begun

Late last week, Governor Dayton and Republican legislative leaders struck a “framework” budget deal that would close a $1.4 billion budget gap and end the longest government shutdown in state

Anna Cioffi, LSP Takes the Beginning Farmer Message to D.C.

As you read this, central Minnesota farmer and LSP member Nolan Lenzen is in Washington, D.C., carrying a simple, but critical, message: agriculture is a growing and vibrant sector of

Terry VanDerPol, Minnesota Needs A Fair Economy Where The Richest Pay Their Fair Share!

My name is Terry VanDerPol. I farm in the western part of the state in the Minnesota River Valley outside of Granite Falls. I raise cattle and I’m a member

Dan McGrath, HMO Reserves are an Important Part of State Revenue Solution

Since January, state policy makers have looked under every sofa cushion and in every old pickle jar for spare change to solve Minnesota’s revenue crisis.  With a gaping $5 billion

Jane Booth-Tobin, Why is the Legislature Wasting our Time on Hate?

Today I joined over 600 Minnesotans in the middle of the workday to rally against the anti-marriage amendment at the Capitol. African-American Lobby Day was going on just below us