Ready to mess with politics?

When I am out in the community and I ask folks if they are registered to vote, a lot of times people respond with “I don’t mess with politics.” If this is you, I have something very important for you to know: whether or not you want to mess with politics, it’s messing with you. 

You can’t avoid being impacted by the people who control the policies and resources that govern our community. As a matter of fact, the longer we choose to “not mess with politics” the longer we are in danger of being screwed by systems run by people who don’t represent our values and experiences.

To make it plain, when you don’t “mess with politics” you get Police and Teachers who don’t live in or know anything about your neighborhood but are responsible to protect and educate your community. When you don’t “mess with politics” you get elected officials who listen to millionaires and corporations instead of listening to you. Not messing with politics may sound righteous, but in actuality, puts all the control and power in the hands of those whose instincts are to oppress us.

So are you ready to mess with politics?

Join us this Saturday as we hit the doors in North Minneapolis and on the East Side of ST. Paul to restore voting rights for 53,000 Minnesotans who have had their rights taken away while they are “on paper” (serving probation or parole) for felony convictions. Check out our Facebook event and register online so we can order some food for you.

Then check out some job leads specific to community organizing and politics. It is not an extensive list, but I hope it peaks your interest. Look for a longer list next month.


Central Neighborhood is Hiring!!
Housing and Economic Development Organizer
Community Leadership Organizer

The DFL Party is Hiring!!

Become an Election Judge (no background check)

TakeAction Minnesota is Hiring for Canvassers!!!

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