People’s House Series: A Family Friendly Minnesota

Our Capitol, Our Voices 

Courage is contagious. This week, women, young people, POC & immigrant workers, and people from all walks of life were at the Capitol to call for action.

Next week, working people and families will be at the Capitol again supporting paid time to care with Earned Sick and Safe Time. But there’s an even bigger story to tell.

Imaging a Family-Friendly Minnesota

See, the movement happening at the Capitol is bigger than any one bill. It’s a soul-level drive to reclaim what’s possible in our economy and for the people in our state.

  • We can have paid time to care so we can be there for our loved ones when it matters the most;
  • Freedom to work and get paid our wages;
  • The dignity to work without being sexually harassed;
  • Opportunity through public education;
  • The highest respect for our teachers, nurses, and care workers;
  • People-centered health care;
  • Stewardship of the land and water and so much more.

But our state is out of balance.

We’ve had enough of a winner takes all economy. Working people are doing everything they can to balance work and their highest family responsibilities. Small business owners can’t afford health care–they’re working day in and day out trying to live the American dream and sleep at night. Young people don’t know what kind of world or economy they’re going to be left with, if we continue to do damage to our climate.

We need political imagination and a #GreenNewDeal–not the same old game of winner takes all politics, corporate handouts, and tax breaks for millionaires in skyscrapers smoking cigars.

Let’s be clear. We’re overdue for change. The rules of our economy were not written for us–women, families, people of color & immigrants, working class people, family caregivers, and the next generation have been exploited by our economic system, not centered. Our economy was built on a false premise that said: what’s good for corporations and the wealthiest individuals is good for the economy.

In a family friendly Minnesota, WE, the people, decide

We, the people, with our elected officials, have the power to change what’s possible. Remember, in our democracy, we decide. The people write the rules.

Every working person–no exception–deserves the tools to live a good life and be there for their loved ones. Paid time to care. The opportunity for a great education. Long-term care and fair wages for care workers. The flexibility to use a few hours of paid time to take your mother to the doctor. Simple, affordable health care.

This is what I see Minnesotans calling for at the Capitol.

I see a DFL House pushing for a Minnesota Values Agenda that’s building the pathway for a family friendly economy–that’s created through a people-centered lens of love, justice, family, and relentless knowing that a good future belongs to all of us–and that we are the ones responsible for the stewardship of the land.

Shout outs to Rep. Hodan Hassan for speaking truth and wisdom for women and survivors. Rep. Jaime Long for centering young leaders’ voices on the 100% campaign and for bringing urgency as a dad. And Rep. Mary Kunesh Podein and everyone who’s worked tirelessly for the equal rights amendment. There’s good work happening. We see it, we feel it, and this is just the beginning.

Join us at the People’s House Wednesday, Feb. 13 to fight for paid time to care with Earned Sick and Safe Time. Can’t make it? Post a pic on IG or Twitter with your family or squad. Share why YOU believe we need a family friendly economy. Use the hashtag #FamilyFriendlyMN.

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