STATEMENT: Justice for George Floyd (5/31/20)

May 31, 2020


Justice for George Floyd

ST. PAUL, MINN–The pain, rage, and grief across our cities is being felt. At the same time, it is being transformed and harnessed into something beautiful. Our communities are exhausted, but clear about the better world that can come of this.

Here is our update.

TakeAction Minnesota is following the leadership of Black-led organizations, as well as Black leaders across our multi-racial base. Through our collective weariness and strength together, we have a clear path forward.

We are also operating through our lens as a multi-racial, statewide organization, lifting up the wisdom of members most directly impacted by injustice and violence inflicted by police and white nationalist. We are focused on:

1. Life, health, and community safety. Public infrastructure was destroyed by white nationalists. We are in the middle of a #COVID19 pandemic. Communities in Minneapolis and St. Paul need food, medicine, diapers, PPE, and other basic items. Communities also need to stay organized to protect and care for each other.

2. Justice for George Floyd. Every ex-officer involved must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. There is absolutely no community trust in County Attorney Mike Freeman. We call on Governor Tim Walz to appoint Attorney General Keith Ellison as special prosecutor.

3. Educating ourselves and each other; going all in on building a new world. Political education about police roots in white supremacy & police brutality as well as the organized strategies of white nationalists who attacked our Black, brown, immigrant, and Indigenous communities as well as critical public infrastructure including grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, and the post office.

Their goal is to incite violence and civil conflict: they cannot do this when we are in solidarity with each other across race, gender, class, geography, and background. We must keep telling the truth and healing together in public.

4. Divesting from police and investing in communities. This is the time to create a community that is safe for all of us. We are working with Black Visions MN and Reclaim the Block, and partners on the Council to defund MPD, an unaccountable, violent institution that’s led by Bob Kroll, a white supremacist. Ending public contracts with MPD is a tangible, impactful step forward.

Let’s keep this going.

6. Ensuring our multiracial organization is guided by Black leadership from our membership and our allies, and work to build a powerful multiracial, multi-generational, gender diverse movement for Black lives.

7. Demanding change and investments in communities across our government including the Legislature. #mnleg

8. Radical love, healing in public, and care for ourselves and each other. Self-love is radical. Joy keeps us strong and resilient. Care is our super power.

The road ahead will be long, difficult, and worth it: a new chapter in our collective story will be born from this struggle. We’ve seen it in the dreams we share and across our loving cities. Keep holding each other in the light. #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter


TakeAction Minnesota is a statewide, independent, multiracial people’s organization working to advance democracy and equity through organizing, political action, and campaigns. Offices are located in St. Paul, St. Cloud, and Duluth.

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