Victor reflects on voter ID campaign

As the dust settled from last Tuesday’s election, one of the key players in the successful effort to defeat the proposed voter ID constitutional amendment reflected on how his side

Voter ID: The More You Know, The Less You Like It

On first hearing, voter ID laws sound like an obvious and innocent idea. After all, don’t you need ID for everything else these days? So it’s not surprising that 80

Foes did ‘the unthinkable’ in stopping the voting amendment

Voting amendment opponents carved out a solid victory at the polls on Tuesday that would have been nearly unthinkable just months ago. Advocates of requiring citizens to show a photo

How voter ID opponents defeated the amendment

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Bud Johnston’s decision about whether he would support the proposed voter identification amendment on Tuesday’s ballot came down to the wire. For weeks, Johnston, of Pipestone,

MN only state to vote down voter ID referendum

Voter ID opponents claimed victory early Wednesday morning with 95 percent of precincts reporting only 45.8 percent in favor of the proposed amendment that would require photographic identification for voting.

Fights over marriage, voter ID go down to wire

Across Minnesota, volunteers and politicians are dug in for the final stretch before Election Day. From daylong bus tours to daybreak rallies, Republicans and Democrats are fanning out across Minnesota