What’s to like, what’s not to like in Dayton’s budget?

Delight, disdain greet Dayton’s plan. Like an inkblot test, reactions to Gov. Mark Dayton’s budget depended on who was looking at it. Republicans zeroed in on the tax provisions in

Uncertain fate awaits Minnesota’s health plan for the working poor

The fate of a key state program that provides health coverage to low-income Minnesotans appears uncertain as the state begins serious efforts to implement the federal health care reform law.

Politician of the Year: ‘Vote No’ campaigns defied the odds in constitutional referendums

On the night that House Republicans voted to place an amendment prohibiting gay marriage on the ballot in 2012, Sen. Scott Dibble stood outside the chamber and vowed that Minnesota

Community leaders discuss county needs with lawmakers

When you think about it, it’s true, people often do think of the economy a bit like the weather as if it’s something we have no control over. “But it’s

Demonstrators want to end Bush tax cuts for richest 2%, to protect working families

A group of over forty Minnesotans representing the Americans for Tax Fairness coalition, and including representatives of SEIU, TakeAction Minnesota, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy, ISAIAH and CTUL, demonstrated in

Victor reflects on voter ID campaign

As the dust settled from last Tuesday’s election, one of the key players in the successful effort to defeat the proposed voter ID constitutional amendment reflected on how his side

Voter ID: The More You Know, The Less You Like It

On first hearing, voter ID laws sound like an obvious and innocent idea. After all, don’t you need ID for everything else these days? So it’s not surprising that 80