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"Caring for ourselves and others makes our movement stronger."
quote: "caring for ourselves and others makes our movement stronger"

It’s an understatement to say our hearts and minds have been through a lot lately. This piece by St. Paul City Council Member Mitra Jalali, “WTF just happened to us?” resonates deeply.  

Mitra reminds us: under racist, extractive capitalism, the only path to liberation is community care. Self-care isn’t enough. We need democratic control over our collective resources to ensure no person is left behind – in good times and in crisis. We need systems that ensure every person can live in dignity and joy. 

As we fight for that future, we’ve got to stay fit for the fight. It’s important to remember and practice community care. There are people and organizations living into that vision right now. If you’re seeking healing or support, below are some resources that might help. If you can think of something to add to the list, email info@takeactionminnesota.org.  

Our movement is stronger when we care for each other – and ourselves. 

Mutual aid 

Mutual aid is a prime example of community care. Grassroots organizing efforts and funds can fill in the gaps of slow or incomplete government assistance. 


Healing and mental health 

Meaning-making, art, and expression 

We can find care, solidarity, and meaning-making by looking to leaders who inspire us – and by being creative ourselves. Here are some people we’ve been looking to for inspiration: 

Here are some organizations that foster creativity: 

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