Ready for the Work Ahead, and Ready to Build

LyLy Vang-Yang holds her cat Bella up and laughs at the camera. Behind them is the blue sky and
Author LyLy Vang-Yang, TakeAction Minnesota Cultural Strategy Manager
Author LyLy Vang-Yang, TakeAction Minnesota Cultural Strategy Manager

This has been a big week. How are you holding up? I’m moving through mixed emotions: relief, sadness, curiosity, and readiness. 

I feel relieved that this election season, we stood by and for each other – and against Trumpism – swearing in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as our President and Vice President. I feel sad thinking about the people who did not survive the past four years, including the 400,000 and counting we’ve lost to COVID. I feel curious about the policy decisions we must make to move #ForwardTogether and how we, a multiracial, grassroots movement, will push the new administration.  

I feel ready for the work ahead, and ready to build a more connected and caring movement. 

I know you’re ready too. 1,000 of you signed our petition calling for GOP officials to be held accountable for their complicity in the January 6 insurrection. They must face consequences. There is no justice without accountability. Our work to #StopLine3 is active, with many of you attending trainings and workshops, and sharing opportunities to support water protectors. More than 200 of you have attended our rapid response We Got This sessions. You’re engaging in mutual aid, seeking political education, and building relationships with each other. This is exciting and keeps me hopeful.  

Here at TakeAction Minnesota, our vision remains the same: a vibrant, caring world where everyone can live a life of dignity and joy. The last ten months have made it so clear that to do this, we need each other. We must organize to survive. Organizing is strongest and most powerful when we do it together. 

I invite you to join us next week, Thursday January 28th, from 6PM-7:30PM CST for our Member Meeting. In this space, you’ll learn more about TakeAction Minnesota and our campaigns. For some of you, the insurrection was a wakeup call, and you feel moved to action now. I’m glad you’re ready to get involved. Or, perhaps you’ve been in this work for a while, and are yearning for a political home. I’m glad you’re here now, and I hope you join us next week. Newcomer or seasoned organizer, you are welcome. We will learn with and from each other. I hope I see you there.  

Let national poet laureate Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem, “The Hill We Climb,” inspire you. Here’s the transcript. “For there is always light. If only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.” 

Together, forward. Let us be brave. Let us be light.  

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