Take Action for A Just Stimulus

Dear Friends,

First, we know that we will get through this pandemic and economic crisis together or not at all. Our lives are interdependent and tied together.

Right now, Congress is in the middle of negotiating a stimulus package. Republican leaders in the Senate put a plan forward that’s by and for mega-corporations. It’s so bad for people and small businesses that Senator Warren said she’d have to vote against it.

Members of Congress need to hear from YOU right now. Send them an email TODAY urging them to support a bold, just stimulus package that puts people and small businesses first, not mega-corporations.  

They’re working on a deal right now. This is the time to make sure they’re hearing from all of us.

In the middle of this crisis, we need checks in people’s hands (tax it back next year from people who don’t need it), to suspend all major bill payments (loans, mortgages, rent, etc.), and protect small businesses.

Our voices need to be heard now and loudly. Take action immediately. Contact your U.S. Representative and our U.S. Senators TODAY.

Thank you. 

In solidarity,

Kenza Hadj-Moussa

Director of Public Affairs

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