From Us to You: Big LOVE

We love love. Love in all its forms: romantic love, parental love, friend love, pet love, community love, self-love. Love makes us feel warm, safe, and cared for. Love nurtures us. Love teaches us patience, accountability, and grace. 

As we’ve been living through COVID-19 for almost a year now, we’re especially grateful for community love. We’ve learned with and from you. We’ve raged together and imagined new worlds together. Being in virtual space with you fills us with joy, and we’re so excited for the day when we can safely physically be in space with you. 

Thank you for showing up. Thank you for choosing to spend countless hours with us. Thank you for your leadership, curiosity, and ferocity in building a better world.  

This Valentine’s Day, we created a playlist for you. This playlist features music all about love. A big, radical, expansive love. The kind of love that moves us in action for our communityThe kind of love that brings us together; the love that sustains us for our next fights. 

Have a song that should be added to our playlist? Email us.  

Here are four memes for you to share with your friends, family, and comrades in the struggle for justice. Right click each image and select “save as” to download. 

With this love, we can – and will – transform our communities. February 14-21 is our Week of Care in Action. Take action with us this week by texting CARE to 79606.  

We’ll be ensuring our elected officials hear what we need for a caring economy that puts people and planet first in our: 

Text CARE to 79606 to get updates and action alerts. Hope to see you this week.  

Big love,  

Movement Building Team: Katie, DyAnna, and LyLy  

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