Care Community Host Training

Our care systems need massive transformation, whether we’re talking about universal health care, paid leave, caregiver support, and more. This training will prepare individuals to host a gathering of TakeAction members, friends, and family to share care stories, support each other’s healing, and take powerful collective action.

A Few of Our Favorite Recipes

Hey, y’all! Laura here. To wrap up our Week of Care in Action, my colleagues and I wanted to share something special with you: a few of our favorite recipes.  Whipping up a comforting dish or baking something sweet is one way to care for ourselves or our loved ones. Eating food that nourishes our bodies and souls helps us stay “fit for the

From Us to You: Big LOVE

We love love. Love in all its forms: romantic love, parental love, friend love, pet love, community love, self-love. Love makes us feel warm, safe, and cared for. Love nurtures us. Love teaches us patience, accountability, and grace.  As we’ve been living through COVID-19 for almost a year now, we’re especially grateful for community love. We’ve learned with and from you. We’ve raged together and imagined new

We Deserve Better

I grew up the youngest of eight siblings in Roseau, a rural Northern Minnesota town most known for hockey rivalries and its proximity to Lake of the Woods and the Canadian border. While others may not see it as special place, it’s very special to me. It made a great home for me as a kid. I spent winters sledding with my siblings and summers running

Caring Our Way to a Better Future

COVID has exacerbated our already-dire care crisis. Childcare and prescription drugs are costly. Our most essential workers are treated as disposable. It makes me angry and sad that we don’t have healthcare for all and that people rely on GoFundMe to pay their medical bills. We don’t have strong and consistent paid leave policies. We don’t have accessible and science-based abortion care. It shouldn’t be this way. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Care is on the Ballot

By Debra Fitzpatrick, Children’s Defense Fund It is a radical act to center care for others in our politics and policy.  After years of Children’s Defense Fund Minnesota partnering with TakeAction to advance a state that recognizes the central role of care in fulfilling lives, and the productivity of our state, COVID has given us