TakeAction Minnesota Statement: City of Bloomington Passes Paid Sick Days

“Today, we celebrate Bloomington, the third largest city in Minnesota, passing Earned Sick and Safe Leave. For years, workers across the state have organized for this basic employment standard because no one should have to choose between caring for themselves or a loved one and a paycheck.

It’s locals vs. the Legislature, round 2: The battle over pre-emption is back at the Minnesota Capitol

For his part, TakeAction Minnesota’s Conry is watching all of the pre-emption proposals at the Legislature this year, but he’s hopeful none will pass with Dayton in the governor’s office — and as more Minnesotans learned what those bills do. “It’s deeply unpopular,” he said. “When people understand that their own legislator is trying to undermine local democracy to try and prevent people from raising the minimum wage or getting sick time, no one is really excited about it.”