cathARTsis: imagining a world without student debt

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Words alone have not affected Biden’s stance or the media’s narrative on student debt cancellation. Despite reading and hearing first-hand accounts from student debtors, Biden remains unfazed and vows to end the moratorium on student loan payments in May 2022. 

Blog author + Student Debt Cancellation Crew member, Megan

With this in mind, our Student Debt Cancellation Crew asked the question: What if we were to show President Biden the impacts of student debt?

In a call for art issued late last year, we asked for depictions of the impacts of student debt — and what the world could look like if our elected officials canceled it.

The artists delivered their answers, inviting us into their worlds. The result is this digital exhibition, cathARTsis.

Our crew was stunned by the quality of the art we received, as well as impressed by the ability of the artists to be so vulnerable and brave in the face of the shame and stigma that too often exists around student debt. These pieces sparked emotional, visceral conversations, and they need to be shared and seen.

Join us on Thursday, February 17 at 6pm for a facilitated discussion and artist talk. Let’s delve into the artist’s experiences and connect as student debtors who can imagine a better world.

In solidarity,

Megan Finegan (she/her) + the Student Debt Cancellation Crew

P.S. Organize with us to cancel student debt for good. Join our Student Debt Cancellation Crew!