Laugh-In with TakeAction Minnesota and Uproar Preforming Arts

There’s a lot of pressure on elected officials to “reopen” the state right now, but we know that the folks hit hardest by this pandemic — people of color, Indigenous people, poor people, queer and trans folks, womxn and femmes — are the ones who will continue to be harmed the most if stay-home orders are rolled back too quickly.

We know who wins and who gets hurt when public health policies are rooted in politics and capitalism, rather than in fact. That’s why we’re partnering with Uproar Performing Arts to come together in community, find joy in our shared experiences, and support initiatives that put people first, keep Minnesotans safe and cared for.

As part of our ongoing mission to lift up the vital medicine provided to us by cultural workers, we’re also raising money for Black, Trans, Indigenous, Two-Spirit Artists through The Twin Cities Logistics Collective for Twin Cities Mutual Aid during this special live event.

Join us at 6:30 p.m. for a happy hour. The comedy show starts at 7:00 p.m.

Tune in for free on Zoom. (The password is action). We’ll also post the Facebook livestream link below. And donate if you can.

TakeAction + UpRoar Performing Arts Laugh-in for BTI2S Mutual Aid

Good morning friends and family! As many of you know, Thursday's fundraiser for Twin Cities Mutual Aid Black Trans IndigenousTwo Spirit Artists, Laugh-in LIVE w/ Uproar Performing Arts + TakeAction Minnesota, was hijacked by a white supremacist and we made the painful decision to remove the original broadcast video to prevent any further harm. The disruption of Thursday's event provides even more solid proof that the work we're doing to dismantle harmful systems of oppression is as important – if not even more important – than ever. We hope you'll hang in there with us as we keep learning and making meaning in this moment, and standing up to those who want to keep us down.Please enjoy and SHARE this updated version, which has the offensive material deleted. We want to make sure all of the performers' hard work is seen and valued, and that the BTI2S fund continues to gain support from our community. A HUGE thank you to the folks at Uproar, special performers dejajoelle, Aron Woldeslassie + Shelly Paul, and Commarrah Bashar from the BTI2S fund for the incredible work put into this event, and to all who joined us on the Zoom call and on the Facebook Live.

Posted by TakeAction Minnesota on Saturday, May 16, 2020
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