Change starts with us! Caucus & Convention Training April 27

If the past year has shown us anything, it’s that the people we elect to represent us in government matter. Right now, as our elected officials ramp up the militarization of our city, the people of Minneapolis have a choice. We can honor community’s grief and first amendment rights, or allow for a violent, unaccountable military occupation. 

The candidates we’ve endorsed for Minneapolis City Council know Black lives matter and are ready to act to protect them. They support investing in our communities as we re-imagine public safety. They’re ready to take on the status quo and co-govern with us for the just, joyful future we know is possible and necessary for all of us. 

Going to caucuses and becoming a convention delegate are critically important steps to electing these progressive, people-centered leaders. Join our Caucus and Convention training Tuesday, April 27 at 5:30 p.m. to find out everything you need to know about caucuses, conventions, and being a delegate.

Crucial decisions about our communities, our democracy, and our future begin with caucuses. There’s so much at stake in Minneapolis this year. All 13 City Council seats and the Mayor are up for election, and voters will weigh in on ballot initiatives that could have major community safety and public health impacts.  

Minneapolis is at a turning point, and we all have a moral responsibility to take action.  

Sign up now to attend our Caucus and Convention training. Together, we’re creating a new path forward and a safer, more equitable city for everyone. 

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