COVID-19 Resources

In this moment, we know many of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones urgently need help. Our organizers compiled this list of resources, mutual aid funds, and other information. Please note: these are links to information compiled by outside organizations and groups not affiliated with TakeAction Minnesota. We’ve done our best to verify these groups, but aren’t responsible for their content.

Do you know of a resource we missed? Send us a message.

Housing, Rent Assistance, & Utilities

Office of the Attorney General — Tenant eviction complaint form. During this peacetime emergency, landlords cannot evict tenants who are unable to pay rent.

Inquilinxs Unidxs por Justica/United Renters for Justice — Renter organizing and information about non-payment of rent.

Bridge to Benefits — Information on housing and utility assistance compiled by the Children’s Defense Fund.

Hennepin County — Information for homeless and housing insecure individuals.

Comcast — Information on free internet and support.


Department of Health and Human Services — Application for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Cash Assistance, and other state emergency assistance.

Saint Paul Public Schools — Information about SPPS’ nutrition service program and COVID-19 Meal Service Program.

Hunger Solutions — Locate food pantries in Minnesota.

City of Minneapolis — Locate food pantries in Minneapolis.

COVID-19 Food Delivery Facebook Group — Group to match elderly, immuno-compromised, and quarantined individuals with volunteers who can deliver essential needs. Twin Cities based.


State of Minnesota — Application for unemployment insurance.

CTUL (Google Doc) — Workplace organizing toolkit.

Restaurant Employment Relief Fund — Financial assistance for individuals who work in restaurants.

Health Care

MNSure — Apply for health insurance on Minnesota’s health care exchange.

Department of Health — Resource guide for low-cost health care.

Twin Ports Queer/Trans Community Care (Google Doc) — Resources available in the Duluth-Superior area. Focused on the queer community.

Our Justice — Reproductive freedom assistance, including abortion care.

Childcare and Education

MN COVIDsitters — Childcare support in the Twin Cities and Central Minnesota. Opportunities to provide childcare support for students.

Cities Care Collective & Ppaya Cares (Google Form) — Childcare support in the Twin Cities.

Zinn Education Project — Teaching materials on a people’s history for parents and educators.

Education Resources (Google Doc) — Crowdsourced free educational resources.

Anti-Oppressive/Anti-Racist Homeschool Options (Google Doc) — Crowdsourced educational resources.

Mutual Aid

Mutual aid is the idea that in our communities, we can care for each other. These are grassroots organizing efforts and funds that can fill in the gaps left by slow or incomplete government assistance. Some of them work with a certain group or in a certain geographic location. All of them can use your support.

Solidarity — not charity.

Restaurant Opportunity Center — Financial support available for restaurant workers (temporarily on hold) or support them financially.

NAVIGATE/Unidos — Donate to support for immigrants and new Americans.

Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America — Solidarity Fund. Donate to support neighbors or request support.

Twin Ports Queer/Trans Community Care — Support request form for folks in the Duluth/Superior area.

MN Disabled/Elder/Caregiver Mutual Aid — Support request form for caregivers, elders, and disabled folks.

Bulk Buying Club (Google Doc) — Support farm workers and build relationships with our food systems.

Queer Exchange — Facebook group for queer folks in the Twin Cities.

Minnesota Mutual Aid — Statewide Facebook group focused on building community.

Twin Cities Coronavirus Group — Twin Cities Facebook group.