HELL YES, I’ll be a primary voter!

No matter where we live, Minnesotans are united by our common interests. In Minnesota, and across the country, people-powered campaigns are challenging how elections are done—and who our politics is for.

My name is Kenza Hadj-Moussa. I’m usually a behind-the-scenes person at TakeAction Minnesota. You’re hearing from me because our organizing director just had a baby—yay! I get to share some of these updates now. 

Here’s the good word.

This election season, women, people of color, indigenous people, white folks, working class people, small business owners, small family farmers, nurses and caregivers, students and young people, rural communities, folks with disabilities, LGBTQ+ communities, and people from every faith and background are creating a different kind of politics.

Our brand of politics says people and our environment first—no exception, no apologies. By showing up, we can be the change we wish to see in the world. 

People-powered campaigns are winning primary elections and building independent political power. All we have to say is, primary elections—HELL YES.  

At TakeAction Minnesota, we believe every Minnesotan is worthy of a bold vision for the future. Our members endorse candidates who aren’t afraid to dream and fight with us.

We’re thrilled to announce our statewide and congressional endorsed candidates: Erin Murphy and Erin Maye Quade for Governor and Lt. Governor, Keith Ellison for Attorney General, and Ilhan Omar for U.S. House of Representatives 5th District. 

These candidates are bold progressive leaders who are creating an honest, loving, joyful, people-centered politics with us. We’ll announce more endorsed candidates from across the state next week. 

For now, this is is a freaking MIDTERM, primary election. Let’s bring it and get theses candidates elected. Let’s get more progressive leaders elected on August 14th, up and down the ticket, in every corner of the state. Sign the pledge to say HELL YES you’ll be a primary voter.

People beats money. Hope crushes fear. We have everything we need to win. 

Take the HELL YES I’ll be a primary voter pledge today.  

With joy, 

Kenza Hadj-Moussa

Communications Director

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