TakeAction Minnesota is a multiracial people’s organization building power for a government and economy that works for all of us.

We believe in a future where each and every person is able to live in joy, leading lives that are fulfilling, stable, creative, and happy. We believe that every person has inherent worth and dignity, no exception, and that we have enough for all of us to thrive.

About TakeAction Minnesota’s Endorsement Process

Our member-led endorsement comes after a five month process engaging in the presidential primary with our national affiliates People’s Action and CPD Action. TakeAction Minnesota’s Leadership Assembly – our governing body made up of individual member-leaders and representatives from our institutional members – decided how we would engage in the presidential election. They voted to endorse in the presidential election after traveling to Iowa for the People’s Presidential Forum, surveying our broader membership, and speaking directly with candidates and their campaign representatives. There was agreement across the Leadership Assembly to endorse in the presidential race and Bernie Sanders earned an overwhelming majority of votes on the first ballot.