2023 Legislative Priorities

This past November, Minnesotans elected majorities to the State House and State Senate who promised to make laws that improve our lives. We also re-elected a Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State who committed to doing the same. Over the next two years, the party in control – the DFL – has a clear mandate for action at the Capitol, and we’re excited by the forward momentum already this year.  

Together we can build a state where we all of us live better no matter where we live and work, what we look like or who we pray to. We can make our jobs fairer, our communities safer, our healthcare more accessible, our economy more sustainable, and corporations less powerful. That’s the role of our government. 

And, let’s be clear – “government” – is us. It’s our stories and experiences drafted into laws that improve our lives. It’s our neighbors who ran for office and now represent us at the Capitol. It’s our voices demanding the policies we believe should govern our workplaces and communities, and laws that put people and our planet ahead of corporations.   

Over the next two years, we will win policies we’ve been working to pass for nearly a decade – and we’ll set up the next round of changes our families and communities need. To win, we need to mobilize together demanding the best for our people.  

What We’re ORganizing For

During the 2023 legislative session


Earned Sick and Safe Time – Establish a statewide basic employment standard that allows workers to accrue up to 48 hours of paid sick and safe time per year to care for themselves or a loved one. Learn more. 

Paid Family & Medical Leave – Create a public insurance program to provide workers up to 12 weeks of paid medical leave and 12 weeks of paid family leave.  

HeaLth Care 

Lower Prescription Drug Costs – Establish a Prescription Drug Affordability Board and end price-gouging of prescription drugs. 

Expand MinnesotaCare – Improve access to public health insurance through a MinnesotaCare Public Option, and expand MinnesotaCare to include undocumented immigrants. 


100% Clean Energy – Raise Minnesota’s Renewable Energy Standard and create a new Carbon Free Standard to require Minnesota utilities to produce 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040. 


Codify Abortion – Repeal unnecessary restrictions, protect patients and providers from post-Roe attacks, and ensure equitable and affordable access to abortion care by passing the Protect Reproductive Options Act and the Reproductive Freedom Defense Act. 

And MOre…

In addition to these priorities, TakeAction Minnesota supports a range of initiatives that advance justice and democracy including:  

  • Use taxes to raise the State revenue needed to fully fund the public programs our communities need and deserve 
  • Democracy reforms such as automatic voter registration, protecting vote by mail 
  • Driver’s licenses for all 
  • Fully-funded public education and child care 
  • Restoration of voting rights 
  • Legalization of cannabis with legal record expungements 
  • Public and affordable housing 
  • Unions for all 
  • Measures to protect the safety and health of LGBTQ+ Minnesotans, including students 
  • Universal school lunches 

Take Action with us