3 reasons to become a TakeAction member

Blog author Pat (in the red glasses) listens intently at a TakeAction Minnesota annual meeting

🌱 Groundedness 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed amid the compounding crises impacting our communities. At times, I feel like there are just too many issues for one person to handle. It’s easy to get bogged down in feelings of scarcity, negativity, and hopelessness – which, over time, can turn into numbness and indifference. 

In the face of all that, being a member of TakeAction helps me stay grounded. I know I am part of a community of people who say we can DO something about the pain and suffering we see around us. Together, can fight for something better: a more just and joyful world. 

When I watch the news, I don’t freak out. Instead, I pay attention. I stay curious. I’m ready to learn and to act. I feel grounded. 

💕 A sense of abundance 

I value being part of an organization that understands that our strength lies – not in monoculture – but in a diversity in people, perspectives, and talents across age, race, zip code, sexuality, and gender. Our liberation depends on tapping into the richness of our communities and our world. As I organize and learn with and from my fellow TakeAction members, I feel a sense of abundance, solidarity, and power. 

🌈 A place to grow, to heal, and to show up 

At this time and place, I feel a response/ability to act. For me, taking action looks like calling my neighbors, writing, and attending meetings to learn, train, and build relationships. It’s supporting the people around me – and taking care of myself. I understand that this work is not an unending to-do list. It comes from within me, propelled by my values and vision for what this world can be. I know that, when I take action, I can find personal healing. I’m grateful that TakeAction is a place to grow, to heal, and to show up for myself and others.  

Join Pat and Minnesotans across the state in the movement for joy and justice. Become a member of TakeAction today.

Pat (she/her) has been a TakeAction member since 2012. She organizes with the TakeAction membership team and lives in St. Paul.

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