5 ways to take action this election season

1. Voter Outreach

We’re recruiting over 500 volunteers from across the state to have deep conversations with voters. Virtual voter outreach shifts are happening every Wednesday and Saturday. Schedule your shift now.

2. Voter Protection

Join the DFL’s Voter Protection program. Hundreds of volunteers are needed statewide. Sign up now.

3. Be a Voter (today)

Request your ballot now and vote the minute you get it. Get all the information you need in our Busy Voter’s Guide to Election Season. When you’re done, make sure your friends, family, and neighbors have what they need to vote too.

4. Democracy Defense

Trump isn’t trying to win the election. He’s trying to stay in power. We’re clear and ready to defend our democracy from Election Day to Inauguration Day. Join our #DemocracyDefense team.

5. Power the Work

TakeAction is an independent, grassroots political organization. Our work is powered by members like you. Donate $20 or whatever you can right now.

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