James Cannon, Hypersensitive? Hardly

Hypersensitive? Not in the slightest. Poll tax, reading tax, Voter ID bill. The Voter ID bill is Obama backlash, plain and simple. More first time voters went to the polls in the 2008 election than in any other election in the history of our country. Houston, we have a problem. America, we have a black president.

How can we prevent these others, these blacks, these college students, these immigrants, these minorities, these liberals, these disabled, these outsiders who don’t look like us or think like we think from voting again?

Let’s do what we always do. Let’s scare people into thinking we have a serious problem! In a state where voter fraud is zero percent this constitutional amendment makes no sense. Ask yourself who’s backing this bill and why? Follow the money to the Tea Party supporters and people who want to keep the status quo of what the typical American voter looks like today. Just because I can afford a car and have a driver’s license doesn’t give me any more right to vote than someone who doesn’t. A free ID you say? Who’s paying for it? I thought Republicans wanted to cut spending? I guess this is more important than things like education.

In short, I don’t support the Voter ID bill because its purpose is to keep more first time voters from voting and disenfranchise the same groups of people who got President Obama into the White House in 2008. Don’t be so hypersensitive.

James Cannon

James Cannon is a member of TakeAction Minnesota’s board.

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