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“The after-action report confirmed it was Jacob Frey’s complete incompetence and lack of preparedness that cost Minneapolis so dearly following George Floyd’s murder – not the peaceful demonstrators and mourners he has repeatedly sought to blame and surveil. Jacob and his political allies deliberately lied about and covered up this report until their re-election campaigns had passed to avoid accountability. It is an egregious abuse of power that further stains a historically dirty election and is yet another example of corruption in the Frey administration.”

We demand accountability, transparency, and justice.

In Minnesota, we don’t need any more traumatic reminders that our public safety systems don’t work. Like Jamar Clark, Thurman Blevins, Philando Castille, George Floyd, Dolal Idd, Daunte Wright, and Winston Smith, Amir Locke and Jahmari Rice should be alive today – but we know that our systems of policing and public safety were never designed to protect them or keep them safe. When a system is designed to maintain white supremacy through violent oppression, it can’t be fixed by propaganda or performative reforms. 

TakeAction Minnesota Statement on Chauvin Trial Verdict

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A guilty verdict is not justice. The movement for Black lives—for just, caring communities where we can all be free—exists far and wide beyond the walls of a courtroom. It is in all of us. It is in our communities, our streets, and in our acts of care. It is in our multiracial commitment to defend Black lives and build a brighter future for all of us, because we know our liberation is tied.

Community on edge as jury deliberates in Derek Chauvin trial

Kenza Hadj-Moussa, the public affairs director for TakeAction Minnesota, a statewide progressive organization, said she believes the tension is made “1,000 times worse” by the heavy military and law enforcement presence on Twin Cities streets in preparation for any violence.

“It’s just compounding the trauma, especially with what Black Minnesotans are going through right now,” she said. “A guilty verdict won’t bring justice, won’t bring a life back,” she continued. “But it’s what do we do after this? We do have agency, we do have power.”

Minneapolis Activists Could Put Police Reform Directly on the Ballot

“Derek Chauvin and the officers who stood by Derek Chauvin while he killed George Floyd are part of an infrastructure that perpetuates a culture of violence and is operating totally unaccountable to the public. It is our moral obligation as citizens, as neighbors to hold that system and infrastructure accountable and transform that system into one that doesn’t do harm and damage but actually keeps us safe.”