Trump isn’t trying to win the election

President Trump isn’t trying to win the election. He’s trying to stay in power.

What’s the difference? To win an election, he needs a majority of the votes. To stay in power, a militant minority (and a willingness to break the rules) will do.

It’s scary stuff. But our fear is counterproductive. It demobilizes us. It adds to our doubts & cynicism. Our project, then, for the next seven weeks, every Friday, is to turn fear into power and focus on the future.

Our Year in Sound: 2018

This is my last week at TakeAction Minnesota. I have loved writing to you.  About our state.  For TakeAction Minnesota.  Working with Kenza and Elianne and the whole team here has been transformational for me. But after ten years, I’m ready for something new.  I’m launching the 100% Campaign, a new state-based effort to create