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Aleta Borrud

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Aleta Borrud
Aleta Borrud for State Senate in Rochester, MN

In Minnesota, we deserve a healthy democracy where every person can afford their lives and live with dignity and respect. Aleta Borrud is a retired doctor and community healthcare advocate running for state Senate in Rochester to reimagine what’s possible.

TakeAction Minnesota is proud to endorse Dr. Aleta Borrud as a distinguished leader in Movement Politics. She’s a candidate who consistently upholds progressive values, working to support and uplift grassroots movements that make change possible.

Working in public health and for nearly two decades as a geriatrician at the Mayo Clinic, Aleta saw the consequences of our broken healthcare system firsthand, from patients coming in with end-stage cancer because they couldn’t afford health insurance to small family farmers going bankrupt because of medical debt.

As a community leader and advocate, Aleta has fought for expansions to MinnesotaCare, childcare investments, soil health and land stewardship, and clean water. As a state Senator, Aleta will focus on what matters: our families, our communities, and the land.

Abortion rights on are on the ballot.

Without federal protection, abortion rights are determined by each state. Minnesota is the only state in the Upper Midwest that protects abortion rights. Rochester’s current incumbent, Carla Nelson, had a 100% approval rate in 2021 from the anti-abortion rights group MCCL.1 Aleta is committed to protecting abortion rights and health care for all.

How do the candidates compare?

Aleta Borrud

✅ Aleta Borrud will fight to protect our reproductive freedom, including access to birth control and the right to have an abortion.

✅ Aleta Borrud supports policies to move Minnesota toward a clean energy future. She will demand that corporate polluters comply with existing laws and fight to require them to prove the safety of their proposals before permits are issued.

✅ Aleta Borrud supports responsible and regulated legalization of marijuana, and wants to disrupt the criminalization cycle which unjustly targets Black, brown, and Indigenous people.

✅ Aleta Borrud know that everyone in Minnesota deserves quality health care. She joins 87% of Minnesotans who support a Prescription Drug Affordability Board, which would the authority to establish statewide upper payment limits for prescription drug sales in Minnesota. Aleta also supports expanding MinnesotaCare.

✅ Aleta Borrud is committed to making sure every eligible Minnesotan has the opportunity to make their voice heard at the ballot box. She has pledged to champion our voting rights as a Senator.

✅ Aleta Borrud stands up for the LGBTQ+ community. She has been endorsed by OutFront Minnesota, Stonewall DFL, and the Human Rights Campaign.

✅ Aleta Borrud supports common-sense gun safety policies, like red-flag laws and background checks for private gun sales.

Carla Nelson

❌ Carla Nelson opposes the right to make our own reproductive choices, earning a 100% approval rate from the anti-abortion rights group MCCL.

❌ Carla Nelson denies the climate crisis and voted against climate solutions as a State Senator. She shields corporate polluters and voted to give them 16 more years to comply with environmental protection laws.

❌ Carla Nelson refuses to consider legalizing marijuana without without permission from the special interests backing her campaign. She says legalization is “premature” and “dangerous.

❌ Carla Nelson refused to hear a bill to expand MinnesotaCare, which would make every Minnesotan eligible for health insurance, as chair of the Senate Health & Human Services Committee. She opposes creating a Prescription Drug Affordability Board to hold Big Pharma accountable for price gauging patients.

❌ Carla Nelson has supported efforts that would make it harder for Minnesotans to vote. She supports provisional ballots and restrictive Voter ID laws, which Minnesotans rejected in 2012.

❌ Carla Nelson opposes a statewide ban on conversion therapy, a harmful practice that targets LGBTQ+ youth and aims to change their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

❌ Carla Nelson is endorsed by the National Rifle Association and received an A-rating from the NRA’s political victory fund.

The choice in front of us is clear: we can elect Aleta Borrud, a courageous leader for our land and families, or Carla Nelson, who has spent 20 years propping up the status quo at the expense of Southern Minnesota.

Aleta Borrud’s endorsements include: TakeAction Minnesota, SEIU State Council, Education Minnesota, Minnesota Nurses Association, MAPE, AFSCME Council 5, Teamsters Joint Council 32, UFCW Local 1189, National Association of Social Workers – MN, IBEW Local 343, OutFront Minnesota Action, Emily’s List, Women Winning, Planned Parenthood Moms Demand Action, Friends of the Boundary Waters, Sierra Club, MN Is Ready, Clean Water Action, 3.14 Action Fund, DFL Stonewall Caucus, DFL Senior Caucus, DFL Environmental Caucus, DFL Rural Caucus & more.

📣 Get ready to be a voter. Make your plan to vote for Aleta for state Senate by November 8!