Liz Doyle, Celebrating a Tremendous Victory While Looking Forward

Earlier today, the Supreme Court ended the debate over the Affordable Care Act and ruled conclusively that Obamacare is constitutional and here to stay. With the Supreme Court hurdle now cleared, it is time to end partisan bickering and put this new law to work for Minnesotans.

The law is two years old and implementation has been moving forward in Minnesota and many other states. Thousands of Minnesotans are already benefitting from the Affordable Care Act, including small businesses given tax credits, sick children who are no longer denied health coverage, young people allowed to remain on their parents’ health coverage as they navigate a challenging job market.  Over 80,000 of the lowest income Minnesotans are receiving the medical care they need through the expansion of Medical Assistance made possible by the Affordable Care Act.  Thanks to today’s decision, thousands more in Minnesota will have much more to gain from the Affordable Care Act as additional pieces of the law are put into place as Minnesota builds a Health Benefits Exchange. 

Wealthy corporations sought to repeal this legislation nationally and gut its key provisions.  In Minnesota, corporate interests have sought to put the new Health Exchange in the hands of health insurance companies instead of consumers.  These and any other attempts to undermine the Affordable Care Act should now end.  The interests of Minnesotans must remain at the forefront as this new law is implemented in our state.

The Supreme Court has made its decision.  It has chosen the health and well-being of the people of this country over the profits of wealthy corporations. As this new law is implemented, Minnesota must make the same choice. 

We hope you’ll join us tomorrow at Hennepin County Government Plaza to both celebrate and make sure decision makers know that we’re ready to move forward making sure all Minnesotans receive the care they deserve under the ACA.

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