NEWS RELEASE: Bipartisan solution to address out of control drug prices advances the state House

ST. PAUL, MN—Today, the Minnesota House advanced a bipartisan solution to address out of control prescription drug prices. The bill would establish a Prescription Drug Affordability Commission to evaluate drug prices and protect Minnesotans from out of control drug costs.

Travis Paulson, a type 1 diabetic from Eveleth who runs a patient advocacy organization and organizes caravans to pharmacies in Canada testified in support of the bill. Paulson is facing long-term health complications from rationing insulin, which at times cost him $1,500 per month.

Prescription Drug Affordability Commission Bill Hearing

No matter we live, what we look like, or how much money we have in our pockets, everyone gets sick. Illness reminds us that at our core, we’re all human. Life and health should not be for sale. Everybody deserves the best possible chance to live a healthy life, no exception. Join us this Tuesday,

40 Days of Choice: Showing Up with Love, Care, and Joy for Abortion Access

The only abortion clinic in Northern Minnesota, WE Health Clinic, is situated in downtown Duluth. The unassuming stone building is distinguished only by the large words on the front: “Building for Women.”   WE Health Clinic has provided reproductive health care since 1981, co-founded by Tina Welsh and Dr. Jane Hodgson. Jane was one of the first and only doctors in the country to be convicted for providing an abortion in