We Deserve Affordable Prescription Drugs

Pink and blue text on a white background, with a graphic silhouette of the State of Minnesota and the TakeAction Minnesota logo. "Prescription Drug Affordability Board"

Far too many Minnesotans are forced to choose between prescription drugs and other necessities, like rent and groceries. Many are even forced to go without their medications. It’s time to change the rules and create an official body that asks why prescription drugs are priced so high and starts getting these costs under control. We need to tell legislators to pick a side: Minnesota’s families or Big Pharma’s profits.

NEWS RELEASE: TakeAction Minnesota Unveils New Report Revealing Corporate Disruption to Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda

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“We’ve had it with billionaires and big corporations like PhRMA and Amazon lobbying against the Build Back Better agenda so they can continue to avoid paying taxes while the rest of us scramble and suffer,” said TakeAction Minnesota Strategic Partnerships Director Yolanda Roth.