Nothing Else: Aya’s Story

Right now, I’m on Medical Assistance (MA). I’m grateful for the coverage, but I struggle to access the dental care that I need. Despite the fact that dental health is critical to our overall health, dental health care isn’t covered by MA the same way as general health care. MA covers the very basics, and

Health Care Cheat Sheet

We know you care about fighting for our families, communities, and environment. But navigating health care policy can feel as frustrating as actually navigating our current health care system (IOW: really, really frustrating).   We’re less than six weeks away from the end of the 2019 legislative session. It’s a lot to keep up with—but we’ve

People’s House Series: (Update!) HMO Conversion Bill Moves Forward

In Minnesota, we believe in fairness and the common good. This week, hundreds of TakeAction Minnesota members contacted their legislators about Minnesota allowing for-profit health insurance companies from entering the state and why we need strong HMO conversion laws. Today, Rep. Jen Schultz’s bill (HF533) was approved by the House Commerce committee. This is great