40 Days of Choice: Showing Up with Love, Care, and Joy for Abortion Access

The only abortion clinic in Northern Minnesota, WE Health Clinic, is situated in downtown Duluth. The unassuming stone building is distinguished only by the large words on the front: “Building for Women.”   WE Health Clinic has provided reproductive health care since 1981, co-founded by Tina Welsh and Dr. Jane Hodgson. Jane was one of the first and only doctors in the country to be convicted for providing an abortion in

Rep. Ilhan Omar: It’s Time For Medicare for All.

Hundreds of people turned out last week when Representative Ilhan Omar arrived at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport, the terminal erupting into chants of “Welcome home” as the legislator walked through the door.  Even more people showed up for the event Rep. Omar was in town for—a Medicare for All community conversation with Rep. Pramila Jayapal. The room of reportedly 500 people gave a standing ovation when

What being an abortion doula taught me about care work and reproductive freedom

When I saw a training to become an abortion doula through SPIRAL Collective, I mostly went out of curiosity. A doula is a companion that provides information, physical, and emotional support. Doulas have been around since ancient times across all cultures. There are birth doulas, postpartum doulas, abortion doulas, even death doulas. They manifest as