Minnesotans Urge Senate to Protect Medicaid over Millionaires and Reject Repeal Bill

June 28, 2017

Contact: David Zaffrann, 651-238-8944, david@takeactionminnesota.org

Minnesotans rally outside Sen. Klobuchar’s office to thank her for opposing the repeal bill and call attention to the Senate health care bill that puts millionaires over Medicaid

Minneapolis, MN – Minnesotans including TakeAction Minnesota members and health care advocates rallied today outside of Senator Klobuchar’s office as the U.S. Senate retreats from its course to gut life-saving Medicaid for 74 million families, children, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations.

The Minnesota demonstration was part of a national “Medicaid Not Millionaires” Day of Action, aiming to curtail the GOP’s resolve to dismantle Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act.   

“It’s no wonder Republicans in Congress wanted to hide this bill from the American people for as long as possible. It would strip health care from hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans and end Medicaid as we know it to pay for big tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations,” said Carol White, a member of TakeAction Minnesota from Minneapolis. “Our message to Senator Klobuchar and Senator Franken is to keep up the fight. This bill is not only cruel for people like my daughter who relies on Medicaid even though she works, it is bad policy.”

The Senate repeal bill closely mirrors the House repeal bill. It takes coverage away from 22 million people; weakens coverage and consumer protections for everyone with private insurance; eliminates Medicaid expansion; and ends Medicaid’s guarantee of coverage for children, seniors, and people with disabilities who had Medicaid even before the Affordable Care Act. And it makes those cuts to pay for $541 billion in tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations. 

Every DFL member of Minnesota’s Congressional delegation .opposed TrumpCare. The American Health Care Act passed by two votes in the U.S. House in June. All three GOP Members of Congress voted for the bill.  


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