The Stimulus Package: Who Decides? Who Benefits?

When it comes to politics and policy, the question isn’t whether government is big or small, but who is our government working for.

We believe in good government that’s by and for the people.

Today, we’re thanking Sen. Tina Smith and Sen. Amy Klobuchar for standing with people and small businesses and voting NO on Senator Mitch McConnell’s corporate slush fund bill.

Harassment allegations against ex-Nolan staffer surface in governor’s race

Several liberal groups are calling on U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan, a Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, to leave the governor’s race after reports of sexual harassment allegations about an ex-staffer in his office. The allegations, reported in MinnPost on Thursday, center around former staffer Jim Swiderski, who several women said grabbed and harassed them in Nolan’s office

Swanson Refuses To Kick Nolan Off Gubernatorial Ticket

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — DFL gubernatorial candidate Lori Swanson breaks her silence amidst controversy surrounding her running mate. In an anonymously-sourced article, MinnPost criticized how Congressman Rick Nolan handled a staffer accused of sexual harassment. In response, groups called for Swanson to address it and for her to drop Nolan. “This is not a confusing moment, the choice