Why we (DyAnna + Cierra) want to build power with you in Greater Minnesota

If you haven’t met us before, we’re TakeAction organizers DyAnna and Cierra. Here’s why we care about building power with you in Greater Minnesota – and why we want to see you at our Greater Minnesota Summit on Saturday, March 12 from 10am-2pm via Zoom. 

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Central Minnesota Organizer, Cierra (she/her)

Cierra (she/her), St. Cloud, Minnesota 

As a Black woman living and organizing in Central Minnesota, I can tell you firsthand: For Black and Indigenous people and people of color (BIPOC) living outside of the metro, the environment can be harsh and unwelcoming. Many BIPOC people have suffered discrimination, hate, and the effects of white supremacy.  

I’m invested in organizing here in Central Minnesota because I want to see Black liberation in my lifetime. I want children to be able to go to school and not face discrimination and bullying because of their race. I want Black and brown people to live without fear and threats, and feel a sense of agency in our communities. I want to reveal systems that uphold white supremacy and replace them with systems that respect the dignity of every human being – Black, white, or brown.  

Build power with me for racial and social justice. Join me at the Greater Minnesota Summit on March 12. 

DyAnna (she/her), Duluth, Minnesota 

Greater Minnesota Organizer, DyAnna (she/her)

I grew up in Roseau, a rural Northern Minnesota town most known for hockey rivalries and its proximity to the Canadian border. 

Last year, during a rural town hall hosted by People’s Action, I had a realization. When I started my role as Greater Minnesota Organizer, I was organizing out of resentment. As a young, queer woman, I felt fed up that the rural places I loved could conflict with my deepest convictions. I often felt alone growing up where I did – even with seven older siblings.  

During the town hall, I connected with rural folks from all over the U.S. who also dreamt about how their communities could transform. They saw the beauty and magic in their communities – and the potential. I felt a shift, and suddenly, I understood: to build real power and win, we must organize out of love, not spite. 

Resentment, spite, and anger can light our fires and propel us into action. Love keeps us going for the long haul, deepening our vision for what’s possible, and allowing us to build the connections we need to grow our power.  

I want to know what you love about your hometown and the people in it. Find community with me, Cierra, and Greater Minnesotans across the state at the Greater Minnesota Summit on March 12. Register now. 

Can’t wait to see you there. 

In solidarity, 

DyAnna Grondahl (she/her), Greater Minnesota Organizer, Duluth, MN 
Cierra Brown (she/her), Central Minnesota Organizer, St. Cloud, MN